“We can get all the skills and job preparation, but if businesses still consider us unemployable – what is the point?”

Disability Activist, Indonesia


“We want to employ another PWD, but they can’t be blind or deaf – they won’t be suitable for the work.”

Human Resources Manager, International Travel Business


“It would be nice to employ someone with a disability, but it just seems to difficult.”

Owner, Local Hotel

Throughout Satu Bumi Jaya’s range of projects working with PWD communities across Indonesia, it was countless comments such as this that formed this visual learning series project. The aim of this project was to focus on the ‘supply’ end of disability employment – namely the businesses and institutions that employ PWD across the country.

To do this we surveyed businesses and other potential ‘employers’ (as the project’s target audience for messaging) to find out what made them hesitant to employ PWD, and the results were very defined to specific elements for each ‘type’ of disability (as seen in the Project section).

We then took these findings to PWD communities, and through a range of processes and approaches, we worked together on how each group would respond to the ‘issues’ raised through the survey. We then worked with groups and individuals to develop concepts, ideas and scripts for the films, with the aim to provide direct and attractive information to potential employers, that would help them overcome some of the key issues originally highlighted, and be more open to employing PWD within their place of work.

Finally, with these film designs in-hand, we worked alongside and with a range of individuals and groups to turn these concepts and scripts into actual films, before opening this platform as a mode to share these resources across the nation. On behalf of everyone involved and engaged, we hope that you not only enjoy the results, but that they are beneficial for you and your communities who live with a disability.


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